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About Administration

Beskydy PLA Administration was established together with designation of the Beskydy PLA in 1973. Rožnov pod Radhoštěm - an important centre of tourism - was chosen as the seat. It is situated in the town centre in one of the most ancient brick buildings in the town (formerly an elementary school), near to the Baroque Church of All Saints. If you travel by car, the only access is through Nádražní Street (leading from the bus and railway stations to the centre through Bečva). Parking is limited in the centre. It is a 7-minute walk from both the stations and a 1-minute walk from the town square.

On the ground floor, opened during office hours (on Monday and Wednesday) from 8.00 till 17.00, you will find most Nature Conservation Department employees. They attend to building assessment. On the first floor are the secretariat and registry. On the first and the second floor are the offices of other expert employees.

Address: Správa CHKO Beskydy (Administration of Beskydy PLA), Nádražní 36, 756 60 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

phone: 571 654 293; 571 657 407

fax: 571 657 407

e-mail: beskydy (at-sign)

List of Administration's employees:

(phone 571 654 293 + extension)

Extension Name Post 
  Mgr. František Jaskula Director of the Administration of PLA Beskydy
*21 MgA. Ilona Zámečníková Secretariat, documentation
*33 Radka Křížová Assistant
*22 Ing. Milan Škrott Deputy-director, NATURA 2000 (SPAs), agriculture, coordination of Landscape Management Program
*33 p.g. Jan Petřvalský recreational activities, tourism, sports activities, vehicle access permits, camping, geology
*38 Mgr. Jiří Lehký nature warden, public relations, nature paths, small-scale protected areas marking
*37 Mgr. Petr Wolf, Ph.D. IT, Landscape Management Program, NATURA 2000
*37 Mgr. Marie Derková NATURA 2000, botany
*38 Mgr. Martin Poloha watercourse conservation, riparian stands, building industry
*34 Ing. Jana Pnioková Building industry
*24 Jana Svobodová Building industry
*24 Ing. Karel Vrátny Building industry
*23 Ing. Dana Morcinková Building industry, Landscape Management Program
*34 Jaroslava Turková Building industry
*36 Mgr. Petr Chytil Botany, agriculture land resources afforestation
*23 RNDr. Dana Bartošová Zoology, compensation for damages caused by protected animals, CITES
*26 Ing. Pavel Popelář   Head of Special Conservation Department, forestry (Nový Jičín and Vsetín districts)
*23 Ing. Jaroslav Műller Forestry and non-forest vegetation, NATURA 2000
*26 Bc. Tomáš Myslikovjan   Forestry (Frýdek-Místek district)

PLA Administration Beskydy


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